5 Hot Picks for Summer Style

Summer’s Almost Over - But Not Quite!

Most parents are already prepping their children's wardrobes for the colder months, but make sure to enjoy huge sales on our kids summer clothing collection while it lasts! There’s still plenty of warm weather and sunshine to embrace.

Here’s a few of our favorite items:

Ivory Anchors T-Shirt

The boat style trend is hot this season, and Carrément Beau has nailed it with the  Ivory Anchors T-Shirt. Pair this tee with the  Blue Striped Bermuda Shorts and the result is nautical-awesomeness. (Try saying that five times fast!)

Tropical Billybandit T-Shirt

Forget the floral look, how about a step into paradise? Thanks to Billybandit’s Summer ‘17 wardrobe you can dive into the tropics with style in the Tropical Billybandit T-Shirt. This leafy tee goes great with  Red Orange Bermuda Shorts or the matching  Tropical Bermuda Shorts for an absolute wild look.

Cotton Voile Dress

Pom-poms galore from Billieblush! We love how the sleeves flare out on these  Voile Dresses, they’re truly bursting with color and attitude.

Red Ceremony Dress

Talk about a pop of color! The  Red Ceremony Dress by  Karl Lagerfeld Kids is sure to grab everyone’s attention this summer. Complete with fancy black pompoms on the sleeves and zippered side pockets for a touch of bling.

Baseball Jersey T-Shirt

Whether it's summer or not, the  Baseball Jersey T-Shirt from Little Marc Jacobs is perfect for all casual occasions. Sporting the patriotic Red White & Blue, this classic baseball jersey stays true to its roots.


 Ivory Anchors T-Shirt & Blue Striped Bermuda Shorts | Carrement Beau  Billybandit Tropical T-Shirt  Billieblush Pink Voile Dress   Karl Lagerfeld Kids Red Ceremony Dress  Little Marc Jacobs Baseball Tee kids atelier

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