A Seat At The Captain's Table

Dress For The Occasion

Billieblush is devoting a large portion of its collection to the ceremony line. This summer, the time has come to capture everyone’s attention at the captain’s table.

The beautiful ceremony collection has truly been crafted down to the finest details. Pleated dresses are adorned with sequins and garnished with the gentle touch of metallic thread embroidery.  Across the entire line you will enjoy a theme of soft and tangy color choices, achieving the perfect balance of romance and authenticity. Each ceremony dress is guaranteed to instill a lasting impression for those fortunate enough to witness its beauty.

billieblush floral ceremony dress summer 2017 The Pink Voile Flared Dress is simplicity in it’s most beautiful form. This cotton voile dress is given the delicate touch of golden piping around the neckline and waist.

The Satin Ceremony Dress displays a multitude of soft, neutral colors. The intricately woven sequins flow together with a wavy embroidery wrapped around the body. billieblush satin ceremony dress summer 2017


billieblush floral ceremony dress summer 2017 The Floral Ceremony Dress boasts a gorgeous array of sequins that no other dress in the line features. The beautiful design of the sleeveless top paired with a light, fluffy tulle dress skirt gives you an elegant combination.

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