A Tropical Adventure

Billybandit explores Jamaica, the Far West and Africa on his Spring/Summer 2017 adventure. 

The Billybandit wardrobe combines everyday essentials with a healthy dose of cool and plenty of humor. Every piece is made with two aspects in mind - practical and functional.

Colors evolve from bright, saturated tones of neon yellow, orange, vibrant blues and greens to natural, faded shades of khaki green, beige and white.

Silkscreen prints are fun and colorful, comprising of bright fruit illustrations, tropical designs and a tracksuit with a quirky dinosaur print. Materials are simple and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear.

Billybandit has also drawn style cues from explorers and cowboys. Denim undergoes the bleach treatment giving it a laid-back look and our little adventurer will wear it with a t-shirt or Teddy covered in desert landscape prints.

Everyday wear is relaxed and features quirky details for the stylish dandy. A shorts suit is adorned with a vivid, colorful print inspired by African fabrics. For a classic ‘Billy’ look, a bright blue blazer with preppy white piping and matching trousers will pop over a printed Oxford shirt and bowtie.

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