Embracing The Sky And Sea

Set sail on the ocean blue with the new Spring/Summer 2017 Boss Kids collection inspired by Mother Nature herself.

Summer fashions switch between sky and sea in a color palette of intense and saturated blues inspired by ocean depths, all enhanced with touches of orange, acid yellow and pure green.

Looks are casual, preppy or well-dressed and can be combined to suit your mood. The collection once again exudes the pure Boss style: refined and timeless looks achieved by classy polo shirts, blazers and denim jackets.

A mid-summer theme takes you into the sunshine, straight onto the beach surrounded by waves, surf and palm trees.

This collection expands to create unique looks that embody the summer style and freedom of spirit. Take a closer look: indigo fabrics and subtle prints bring a new touch of discretion.


this classic hugo boss look for kids features a nautical themed long sleeve dress shirt complete with fashionable bowtie

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