Balancing Simplicity And Style

Carrément Beau presents its fourth collection for Spring/Summer 2017. This wardrobe strives to give children a retro look with contemporary touches, all with the iconic motifs of the “swimming pool tile check” and classic Carrément Beau color scheme.

The purpose of this collection is to be accessible in both price and style, giving every child a chance to have the complete Carrément Beau experience. Carefully keeping everyone in mind, a line of newborn products with included gift sets has also been added.

The goal is to provide a wardrobe for real children’s day-to-day life, offering a full collection of elegant styles perfect for all of life’s special moments.

Subtle designs paired with soft and charming colors are the essence of each product. Materials are chic and the combination of blues, nudes and powder pink give each outfit a summer-ready look.

Carrément Beau truly understands how to attain the perfect balance of simplicity and style.

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