DL1961 Smart Denim

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We are a New York City-based company that knows denim and simply does it better. With a focus on technologically advanced fabrications, each of our styles will revolutionize how you look, feel, and live in your denim. 



First comes the fiber

The perfect fit starts with the perfect materials and our denim is comprised of a combination of next generation fibers that surpass the classics and feel, fit and perform in a whole new way. 

How smart is our denim?

We're on a mission to fuse technology with fashion in pursuit of better.


Perfect Fit

Mindfully Made

Premium Cotton

Botanic Fibers

Super-sculpting, high retention, amazingly comfy stretch fibers

Committed to innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability

Ethically sourced and carefully selected for its unique characteristics

Super soft, breathable, antibacterial and water efficient


DL1961 Denim Jeans

Then comes the composition

Our special mix of fibers are constructed with innovative weaves, lending our denim a seriously seamless fit with 98% shape retention, 360 degree movement and instant lifting, lengthening and sculpting capabilities.


DL1961 Denim Jeans

Done with a finishing touch

Combining the newest technology with classic, hand-finished craftsmanship, each pair is expertly sanded, distressed and ripped-and-repaired before it receives the DL1961 seal of approval.


Kids Atelier is so incredibly happy to have found the best pair of denim jeans for kids. Denim is a staple for everyone's wardrobe- especially children because they pair well with any look across all seasons. DL1961 offers such a timeless and durable article of clothing in the form of pants or other well-crafted denim pieces that will hold up to the playful and active lives of adventurous kid and juniors.

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