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Happiness Happens Month 2017

Did you know that August is the “Happiness Happens” month? It’s time to embrace all of life’s wonderful gifts and be thankful for what makes you happy.

Behind The Smile

Happiness Happens Month was created by a group called “The Secret Society of Happy People”. Founder Pamela Gail Johnson worked in the self-help field and was constantly bombarded with conversations highlighting the negative aspects of life. At one point she even asked herself, “Where are all the happy people?” and knew something had to change.

This is when The Secret Society of Happy People came to life, embarking on a journey to help people voice their happiness on a positive, welcoming platform. The goal is to remind everyone that happiness comes in small spurts throughout life so it’s important to recognize those moments when they happen. Fully embracing your happiness will encourage others to find their own appreciation.

Happiness In All Forms

If you’re shopping Kids Atelier, you probably have kids of your own or are browsing for a child. These tiny bundles of joy are the absolute essence of happiness! Be sure to show them how happy they make you regardless of whether they’re your child or not. Show them how to embrace their own happiness as a child and they will grow up to be confident adults who understand and appreciate life in a whole new light.

Make sure to do something for yourself once in awhile! Indulge in your hobbies, hold the door open for someone, spend time laughing and hanging out with friends - anything that will bring a smile to your face and help seize the day.

The staff at Kids Atelier would like to wish you a joyous Happiness Happens Month! Keep those smiles strong and spirits high.

Happiness Happens with Family Month - August

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