Little Feet Walk The Earth

Old Soles Shoes

We are always on the lookout for brands that not only care about their customers but truly understand them. With that being said, we are proud to officially carry Old Soles shoes! Here’s why we love them.

Understanding Your Child

Each range of shoes in the Old Soles collection has been designed for a specific purpose in your child’s growth journey. You will find a high attention to detail and true understanding of developmental knowledge throughout the collection.

old soles baby shoes

Pre & First Walkers

Babies’ feet are vastly different from adult feet, so from birth through the first year of life it’s imperative that the shoes adapt properly to their growth.

Old Soles shoes for pre & first walkers are soft and pliable to protect fragile feet and provide unrestricted movement as they learn to sit up and crawl.

You’ll find elasticized heels for flexibility plus 100% natural leather to avoid skin irritation and wick away sweat while keeping feet warm in the colder months as well. 

old soles toddler shoes


As your child learns to walk, their feet are still developing the necessary muscles while the Achilles tendon acquires more definition.

The toddler shoes are designed to accommodate this crucial stage of the foot’s development, providing the proper amount of support in the right places.

You’ll find the toddler shoes are flexible and have a rounded toe, flat sole and heel support to help your child walk with ease and comfort.

old soles kids shoes


Every kid develops differently, and you can say the same for their feet as well. As their feet thin out and gain strength, they need a shoe that’s a comfortable size yet still supportive as walking turns into running, jumping, kicking and climbing.

Kids are also a bit pickier! Old Soles understands and provides both less structured shoes such as a sandal and firmer footwear for those who have that certain preference. 

old soles shoes

The Search Is Over

Now it’s easy to see why we chose Old Soles to be a part of Kids Atelier. It’s this fine attention to detail and understanding the complex growth levels of a child that we can all appreciate - especially the kids.

Go check out our Old Soles collection for yourself and discover what they can do for your child.

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