Melissa: Bringing fashion, art, & architecture to the Shoe

Melissa heritage - Mini Melissa


Melissa was born in 1979, with an inspiration straight from the sea. On the feet of French Riviera fishermen we found the embryo that gave origin to the Aranha model. In little time, it catches on with Brazilians and becomes one of the most popular shoes around. In just the last decade, Melissa produced more than 32 million pairs and today is sold in more than 70 countries. 

A true Melissa icon, the Aranha takes 26 seconds to make.




Melissa and Campana BrothersMelissa collaboration with Jean Paul Gualtier Karl Lagereld


Melissa was one of the first brands in the world to create collaborative collections.

In 1983, we made our first collab with icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for eccentric, avant-garde style. Together with the Campana Brothers, we take Brazilian-ness to the world: since 2004, we have created shoes together that translate Brazilian inspirations into plastic. Melissa even releases an exclusive collection in collaboration with celebrated stylist Karl Lagerfeld, another beloved brand that Kids Atelier carries.

Melissa scent perfume



Their unique smell is one of Melissa's hallmarks. It is a memory trigger: the mark of childhood and adult lives alike. It's part of teenage memory of those who grew up associating our shoes to a significant time in their lives.


Melissa is sustainable

Melissa is art, fashion and design. But it’s also sustainability.

Melissas are made from with our own material: Melflex® is a type of PVC that can be 100% recyclable and provides flexibility and resistance - in addition to being very comfortable. Increasingly searching for a consolidation of sustainability in the production process, Melissa even created a Department of Sustainable Development in 2011.


Melissa's Creative Director Edson Matsuo


Our Creative Director.

Recognized for his avant-garde ideas, Edson Matsuo has been the name behind Melissa for more than three decades. "Design is a collective tool capable of demolishing impossibilities," he says. That's how Matsuo supports his creations - according to him, modeled on one premise: creative freedom. "It sets the tone for everything in Melissa".




Kids Atelier proudly sells the miniature version of this larger than life brand, the Mini Melissa for toddlers and Mel by Melissa for young ladies. With a child's shoe the creativity only increases and becomes more whimsical to match the imagination of curious and adventurous fashionistas.

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