Don't Follow Trends, Be A Trendsetter 

We couldn’t be happier to announce we are the first boutique in the United States to carry Oilily products! This beautiful brand has quite a history so let’s go back in time for a brief moment.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1963, Dutch couple Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn sought to create children’s clothing on a different level. Oilily was originally called “Olly” thanks to Willem’s nickname, but due to legal conflicts it was changed to “Oilily” along with a bold, catchy logo that caught everyone’s attention.

A small design team was carefully chosen in 1965. Each individual was headstrong and passionate like the founders, and most importantly they wanted to give kids clothing a unique and exciting twist. Paying no attention to sales figures, trends and expectations, Oilily emerged with a thrilling collection.


oilily winter down jacket fw17


The vibrant colors and spectacular designs on every Oilily piece were the first of its kind. Parents were drawn to the bright colors and unique patterns. It took time for consumers to become accustomed to Oilily’s vibrant products, but once celebrities like Michael Jackson started dressing his children in Oilily products the hype was solidified.


oilily floral jersey dress fall winter 2017


We are proud to carry Oilily’s Fall/Winter 2017 line. You’ll experience the vibrance turned down a notch as we ease into the cold seasons, featuring warm and earthy colors mixed with intricate floral and animal prints. Each piece is crafted with cozy, soft materials to help your kids stay toasty warm and comfortable.


oilily flower dress


Here are a few of our personal favorites. Which Oilily pieces will you be adding to your child's wardrobe this season? 


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