The Enchanted Forest

This fall, Billieblush is immersed in the imaginative world of Grimm Fairy Tales. You’ll find delicate leaves and cup mushrooms plucked straight from an enchanted forest and woven across the collection. The color palette is soft and romantic with lily white, pastel pink, pale blue and heather grey stripes injecting a sense of playfulness into each outfit. Polka-dots and pompoms add the glittery finishing touch to the heroine fairy tale.


billieblush bumblebee dress


As the season progresses, venture deeper into the woods with butterfly and floral embroidery adorning tees, knitwear and a dress with a flowing tulle skirt fit for a princess. Discover elegant birds flaunting their feathers as they fly across the collection, venturing deep into the forest where no one has set foot before.


billieblush fall winter 2017 dress


Fairies and fantasy come into play as winter settles in. Embrace all things magical as glittery celestial moon and star prints pair with majestic gold beaded butterflies to form whimsical and timeless pieces. Whether it be a leafy gold mini skirt with tulle and fur trim or a lily-white midi skirt with wool embroidery and gold sequins, she will look dazzling nonetheless.


billieblush fall winter 2017 sweatshirts


It’s time to let her imagination take over as she ventures off into a magical realm. You’ve given her what she needs to begin the journey, now it’s up to her to choose her path. She’s off to explore the beautiful forest and all its dwellers, immersing herself in enchanted heaven. 


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