The Monnalisa Story

Monnalisa, leader company in luxury childrenswear was founded in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci, now respectively President and Designer of the company.

The philosophy of Monnalisa is based on a unique combination of entrepreneurial activity, innovation, search for new markets, original styling and a special attention to the evolution of the corporate resources and skills. 


Monnalisa Story


Vision, Mission e Values

Monnalisa is an “organised” group of people (owners, managers, employees, workers and subsidiaries) that, together with its shareholders, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, consumers, the community in which it is and operates as well as the institutions the company relates to, in the environment in which it operates, has the following goal:

Create value and values over time

  • with a quality, fashion and high identity product for both customers and consumers
  • with a flexible, reliable and customised service
  • with a dynamic and challenging work environment
  • with a profitable and ongoing relationship with its suppliers
  • with a sustainable company policy for the territory
… with the aim of accomplishing the following vision:
  • excel in innovation, creativity and practicality… to gain new markets
  • stimulate a spread out managership…
  • to take on the challenges of the small and medium family enterprise successfully.
  • expand worldwide both productively and commercially, maintaining the company values and identity… to spread a culture of social responsibility.



Kids atelier is so thrilled to offer the finest creations from Monnalisa: flamboyant fashion pieces that any young lady would appreciate! Fresh, feminine and innovative designs with clever uses of sparkling stones, fun characters and quirky finishing touches are Monnalisa's signature. Whether it's a dress for special occasions, holidays, rites of passage, or simply a glamorous outfit, Kids Atelier is proud to bring the best of what Monnalisa has to offer. 

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