The Snazzy Mom

As a curator of designer kids clothing, we’re always inspired by fashionable moms expressing their passion through their children.

Arushi Garg is one of these awesome moms and her son Vir is adorable! After discovering her blog and exchanging a few excited emails, a wonderful collaboration was established.

Who Is Arushi Garg?

Arushi is a full time work-at-home mom, tirelessly caring for her son Vir who was born in Houston, Texas 2016. Baby Vir sparked Garg’s passion to document every moment of his precious life, inspiring her to create The Snazzy Mom - a blog motivating other moms to live life to the fullest, embrace motherhood and most importantly, stay snazzy!

The Kids Atelier Experience

Since she lives in Houston, we definitely had to send her over to our Houston Galleria location! Garg graciously accepted and visited the store with baby Vir, documenting his adorable experience on her Instagram Story.



One of the items she chose was a playful shirt from BOSS Kids (It’s on sale by the way). The shirt went perfectly with his tiffany blue dinosaur shorts and gray shoes and boy does he look happy!


baby vir looking happy in his hugo boss t shirt


We’d like to extend another huge thank you to Arushi for all her support. You can enjoy the entire blog post about her experience at the Houston Galleria location here.

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