Where Will Adventure Take You?

Billybandit Fall/Winter 2017

billybandit fall winter 2017 collection boys


This fall and winter, the Billybandit boys are propelled into outer space, left to explore the wondrous galaxy in all its glory. These little astronauts are skipping across stars and hopping planets while carefully dodging millions of asteroids. You will find this stellar collection to be a reflection of such adventures, complete with panda astronauts and the occasional wandering dinosaur curious about the world up above.

As the season progresses into the cooler months, the boys are brought back down to earth and back through time. Their time-traveling adventures launch them into the prehistoric era, thriving with the biggest dinosaurs and creepy crawlies of all sorts. From the ferocious T-Rex to a humorous Triceratops rocking a flannel and bowtie, there is definitely no shortage when it comes to a vivid imagination.


With the arrival of winter we climb back up to the mountain peaks with a wardrobe paying homage to the glory of winter sports. Outfits radiate the bold team colors of red, white and blue while being softened with a wintery flecked gray. You’ll find mountainscapes, ice hockey battles and the occasional yeti adding a rather comical touch. Materials are adapted to the season as well and you’ll find softer fleece and cozier knitwear to combat the cold.

So will it be outer space? Land of the dinosaurs? Or up in the chilly mountaintops packed with snow? The answer is up to your little boys to decide. Let them choose their own adventures and immerse themselves in the wonderful imagination of youth. They get to choose their path - Billybandit simply helps them along.

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